Over Thinking to rule the day!

imageI’m the type of person who finds a 25.00 dollar sweater and likes and ponder whether or not to buy it for days, weeks, and sometimes months.  I don’t do this because of the money…I do it because I’m a thinker. Or perhaps an over thinker. I think “do I really like it” “will I wear it enough”. “Is there something else I want more”…perhaps that is why I find being a perpetual pinner so relaxing.  I have the ability to save all the things I like forever without the push to act on any of them.

It has been a while since my last post. I’ve been struggling with time management and a myriad of self esteem issues. I have however continued to act on making my pins a reality, such as creating a command center in my kitchen (which I will share soon) but perhaps the biggest change… I added a new board!  It’s entitled Goals and it’s my newest journey. In order for me to be able to function I MUST get out of the rut I’ve been in. I need to spend some time creating a healthier lifestyle and getting in shape so I can be the mom I want to be for my daughter!

What does this all mean for my blog?  It means that for the foreseeable future this blog will focus on the pins in my Goals board and the quotes to remember board primarily. With a few time management and organization posts!  It will catalog my journey while providing insight to some of the best and worst the healthy eating, exercise, and motivation has to offer!  And it starts now!

So who wants to join me on this journey?  I’m starting a free 7 day clean eating challenge on Monday to kick off the change in season!  Trying new recipes and hopefully gaining more momentum to continue with my Pinterest discoveries!