Toilet Paper Rolls to Organize Cords


I saw this pin and had to Save it!  I have a Pinterest board titled “Not just clean, Monica clean” (Anybody out there watch ever watch Friends?) Yup!  That was me, Everything had to shine…ALL the time…and I HATE opening a drawer to look for something and seeing a giant jumbled cord mess.  The Pin titled “toilet paper rolls to organize cords is a Pinterest Blocked link!  Instead you can locate the “how to” on or

Now, I did try this at home, and although it definitely made my jumbled cord mess better, there are some things that I would do differently next time.  First of all, create a Storage box for the toilet paper rolls.  Next, Attach the toilet paper rolls together (a little table around the bottom should work just fine. (the reason for this is so when the thicker cords get stuck, you don’t have to pull everything out at the same time creating a bit more resistance.) Then once your box is created and your rolls are attached you are ready to add in those extra cords (labeling them if you so choose) and then storing the box away anywhere that is convenient in your home.

There you go!  A simple way to minimize that messy cord disaster you have shoved in your drawer!  Not interested in Toilet paper rolls?  Check out for some other alternatives!  What worked best for you?  I’d love to know how you mastered the tangled cord mess in your home!


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