Marshmallow Eases a Sore Throat


Something you should know about me…I hate taking pills!  When I got pregnant, my prenatal vitamins resembled horse pills!  It was absolutely miserable trying to shove the pill as far down my throat without gagging and then drinking a gallon of water just to make sure it went down and didn’t get stuck in my throat!  Needless to say, I constantly search high and low for home remedies that actually work!

First of all….I am not a doctor…and I can only attest to my personal experiences, now I spent a good amount of my adult life in the elementary and early education field; which helped me to develop a fairly decent immune system.  I hardly ever get sick, and “knock on wood” if I get sick it’s usually just a minor head cold.  The last time I was really sick, was 2010 when my husband was deployed (of course) and I had a fever of 102!  Now with 2016 beginning and cold and flu season in full swing…I am ready to battle out those minor illnesses…  Can you guess what my favorite tool is?  Nope no lemons…no tea…no oils…Give up?


MARSHMALLOWS!  MARSHMALLOWS!  MARSHMALLOWS!  So I was scrolling through Pinterest one day and found a Pin about 20 DIY Home remedies from Buzzfeed!  Now again, I don’t get sick often and haven’t really had the need to try out their other home remedies, but I can honestly tell you that when I get a sore throat I immediately run to the cabinet and grab the marshmallows!  I have NO IDEA whey it works, perhaps mind over matter…but whatever the case…I ate a few marshmallows and suddenly I could swallow without that terrible pain in the back of my throat!  Next time you have a sore throat that is just bugging you…Try a marshmallow or two!


And if you happen to find yourself in a situation where a home remedy was used please let me know if it was successful!  I would love to continue to bulk up my Home remedy knowledge base!

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