Ten Down Tone Up


Ten Down Tone Up, is precisely what it sounds like.  You start off with 10 exercises…I love good round numbers!  You do the rotation completing 10 reps of each exercise, then 9, then 8, and so on and so forth until you hit 0…at which point I am fairly certain you would collapse.  I only have 1 hour of workout time allotted because of my work schedule at the moment.  I do a warm up and a cool down which knocks me down to about 50 minutes…I am the worst stretcher…personally it bores me, which also means I typically can’t walk for 3 days after a good workout because I didn’t stretch properly…I’ll add that to my list of things to do…Anyway, back to this morning’s workout…I only completed up to 7.  With that being said…I need a hot bath with some Epsom salt!

First off…if a workout says Burpees…It’s usually safe to run away from that one…but I typically gravitate towards them…a glutton for punishment I suppose.  burpees.jpg

Phew thanks!  Okay…I’m up…So today I completed 34 Burpees, Squats, Lunges, 30 second planks, bicycles, push-ups, V-ups, crunches, reverse crunches, and jumping jacks.  I could have kept going…My burpees were slowing down and then I ran out of time.  I am a stickler for proper form and sometimes that prevents me from getting through the workout as it is designated, but I would rather do less correctly than more incorrectly risking injury…Plus if you don’t have proper form it’s likely you won’t get the same quality out of your workout.

So my overall view on this workout!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVED HATING THIS WORKOUT!  Yup you guessed it!  This is one of those workouts that is tormenting you as you do it.  Reminding you how out of shape you really are, and yet dragging you back in because you are determined to not let the workout beat you!   I do plan on returning to this workout possibly tomorrow just to prove I can successfully make it past 7!

Do I recommend this workout?  100% yes!  If you love to really feel like you are burning away those calories than this is definitely the one for you!  Plus it works the core and your legs and even your arms…it’s a fairly total body workout!  And I can’t wait to try it again!

Have you tried the Ten Down Tone Up?  What were your opinions?  Were you able to make it through the whole 10 during your first attempt?  I can’t wait to hear how you did!


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