Million Dollar Spaghetti


Well Friends…it was bound to happen.  I found a recipe we didn’t like.  So let me tell you what happened!  My family LOVES PASTA!  Spaghetti is a weekly staple in my house and I was looking for a way to change it up a bit.  I found this million dollar spaghetti recipe from being grown up and thought…”Hey I can do that!”  I have cooked with cream cheese in other recipes that I really enjoyed, although cottage cheese was a new experience, however, when you cook with certain ingredients things change and you never really know.

The reality…for my family and myself…this was NOT million dollar spaghetti…It had the strangest texture, and flavor!  The cream cheese (which I typically don’t like) was very noticeable, and in my personal opinion it does not belong on spaghetti, But hey that’s just me!  I thought it would add a creaminess to the pasta, the unfortunate reality was that it just added a layer of this strange mixture that didn’t sit well in my palate!

I am not sure what you all like…If you like cottage cheese, sour cream, and cream cheese then this very well may be the dish for you!  As for me…I was highly disappointed and made cookies as an apology to my family after making them eat it!

Have you tried it?  What were your opinions?  Any substitutions to give a try?  I love a challenge…and I love Cookies!


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