Elliptical Workout


For your viewing pleasure, another visual from the late John Pinette.  If you ever get a chance to watch his exercise stand up I highly recommend it!  He’s hilarious and his description of the elliptical as “the horrible machine” couldn’t be more accurate!

Another workout bites the dust, but for the first time since tackling this project I find myself disappointed in the workout; The Sweat it out elliptical workout by myfoodfitnessdiaries.com Now I am not usually an elliptical type person, but on the days when I go to the gym to conduct “traditional cardio” I sometimes find all the treadmills are taken, so I decided on a back up.

So this morning I climbed onto the elliptical and got started.  The first 5 minutes are a warm up (something the treadmill workout was missing) By 10 minutes I could feel my muscles (especially during the backward rotations) but the recovery time helped ease the muscles in between.

I got into a decent rhythm and couldn’t help but think of the above John Pinette video!  By the way for lunch I actually ate ravioli’s.  (definitely not planned..unfortunately due to work obligation there was no nap)

Anyway, back to the point…The only way to make this workout more challenging is to really PUSH during the workout, moving as quickly as you can.  Knowing my stamina is in need of repair I stuck with the slow and steady method which resulted in a decent workout at the time, but now, almost 8 hours later…I find myself utterly disappointed and in need of more physical activity.

Bottom line…PUSH hard, or utilize this workout for a mere energy boost!  What did you think?  Anyone have an alternative workout they can share?  I’m all ears!

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