Baked Spaghetti Squash with Garlic and Butter


Carbs! Carbs! Carbs! I LOVE Carbs!  I don’t have the willpower to give up all the yummy pasta, rice, or bread, with that being said, I have tried to minimize how often I make them, and have found some healthier alternatives to switch it up with every now and then.  Spaghetti squash with garlic and butter by

Spaghetti squash is amazing (definitely not pasta) but incredibly tasty!  And the benefits of the garlic are undeniable!  Full of nutrients , low in calories, reduces blood pressure, combats the common cold, improves cholesterol, the list goes on and on.  Also, spaghetti squash has natural juices so a little butter goes a long way!

It’s super easy to prepare, but make sure you have a sharp knife!  Now the recipe says to use a fork to remove seeds…I personally would use a spoon, that way it keeps the  yummy goodness inside.  Once the seeds are removed then grab the fork and get scraping (This can take awhile depending on how much elbow grease you’re using) a 3-4lb squash holds a TON of spaghetti squash so be prepared!  A large sized skillet is definitely recommended, next add the butter and garlic and salt.  (parsley can be added for a bunch of flavor and for presentation!) time to add the spaghetti strands and toss; almost done so just add my personal favorite…parmesan cheese…I put it on everything!  Finally..Bon Apetit!  GUILT FREE DELICIOUSNESS!

Have you tried spaghetti squash?  What are your favorite alternatives to those bad carbs?  I’d love to increase our side dish options!

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