Treadmill workout


I am not exactly what you would call I FAN of exercise.  I always feel better after a great workout, and when I workout I am more interested in eating healthier because I don’t want to waste all that wonderful workout time!  The above image is the late John Pinette and he is hilarious!  Definitely captures how I feel most workout sessions…but I digress!

Getting back in shape…Week 1!  Okay…new year, we have successfully eaten all the delicious holiday treats and it’s time to get back in shape, or at least be able to go back upstairs without dying.  Today I headed to the gym in 10 degree weather (Now THAT’S Dedication!) knowing it would be a cardio day, I found this awesome looking treadmill workout for calorie burning from LittlemeBigD. Now only a 25 minute workout, but you jump right in, so make sure warm-up on your own before you begin.  Now with that being said please understand my ability level (look above…just kidding) In the past (4-5 years ago) I ran 4 half marathons (Not climbing any charts, but successfully completing each run within the time frame) but nowadays, 6 months post partum and a holiday belly later…I have definitely become the friend you want around during a zombie apocalypse…yup…I would be eaten for sure!

So with that being said…This workout was Great!  For one…it’s only 25 minutes which meant I had a 5 minute cool down and still was done in my 30 minute time frame.  The strict intervals are good because you are constantly adjusting speed and it made the time go by so quickly.  Normally I look down at the timer thinking…5 minutes must have passed…but in reality it had only been 2.  I must admit those 1 minute intervals keep rising and in my current physical condition I had to hold on to the treadmill for dear life for those 8,9,9.5,and 8.5 speeds!

Now, to maximize your interval runs, I started switching to increase speed 5 seconds prior to reaching the minute mark (reality, should up it closer to 10 seconds prior) but I waited until the full time was complete to lower it again!  I highly recommend this workout to anyone in need of a starting point or a quick challenge!

Have you tried it!  What did you think?  What treadmill workouts do you like?  Share your experiences here!  I would love to hear how it is going for you!






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