Perpetual Pinner Challenge


As 2016 approached, I was bombarded with my most dreaded question…What is your New Years resolution?  Now, in my family resolutions were never really a big deal, but as I got older, I actually like the concept behind a resolution.  A new year is a wonderful time to make a change, however, what kind of change?  Most of the time I hear weight loss goals, but then comes February, the gym parking lot looks like a ghost town!  This year I’ve decided to take on my very own New Years Challenge, 365 days of complete Home, Body, Faith, Health, Family OVERHAUL!  How do I plan to make such an overhaul happen?  By using Pinterest of course!  I am a “Perpetual Pinner” You guessed it!  with 10K pins and counting, I scroll, scroll, scroll and pin, pin, pin.  I pin everything from Appetizers to Zoo activities and everything in between!  I love the information or at least the promise of information.

The problem…ALL I DO IS PIN!  You guessed it!  Most articles I haven’t read, most recipes I haven’t tried, and my house is still a chaotic happy mess!  So this year I am taking 365 days to clear up my Pinterest account.  I am going to work through my pins and share my findings here!  I will show my finished masterpiece…or disaster, I will share what worked for me as well as my challenges.  I will also share the best locations to find some of those must have items!

My hope is to motivate myself and all of you to utilize our time much better, and really enjoy living this beautiful life!  So if you are a perpetual pinner like me, join me on my Perpetual Pinner challenge!  Leave me messages on what you have tried and how it worked out for you!  I can’t wait to see what this year has in store!  WELCOME 2016!

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