Grinch Kabobs


Who doesn’t love special treats on special occasions?  There is usually that one item that Aunt Sue makes only on Christmas, or a special cake reserved for your birthday!  As a new mom, and a desperate suzie homemaker wannabe, I am constantly trying to find exciting and fun treats to make, that my daughter will add to her book of holiday/party delights.  This past Christmas, I experimented with the Grinch Kabobs from AllRecipes. com for my nephews (my daughter is still a bit too young to indulge)  One of my nephews has a gluten allergy and a nut allergy and just recently out grew a dairy allergy so these were very friendly for him and the plus side was they looked easy enough…I mean who has time on Christmas eve to get fancy!?  So here is what I did…

I bought a package of grapes, strawberries, a bunch of bananas and a bag of small marshmallows.  I also bought a container of colorful toothpicks I washed the grapes and strawberries, and cut off the strawberry top and sliced the bananas.  Then I tried to assemble…The 1st problem that I encountered…The toothpicks weren’t quite long enough so I had to cut the grapes in half (basically gave Mr. Grinch a flat top)  Now everything fit!  2nd problem…Toothpicks are pointy!  DUH! Remember I am a new mom (6 month old daughter) and didn’t think of the immediate problem related to the pointy toothpick during or after the eating of the fun loving Grinch Kabob!

SO what would I do next time you may ask?  I would buy skewers and cut them to size (unless you have older children you can trust to not hurt themselves or others)  Keep them rounded at the edges , since the fruit is really soft getting it on won’t be an issue.  You will have more space for your Grinch and you won’t have to worry about potential injuries.  The best part of the Grinch Kabob?  It’s a healthy and fun treat!  I was really surprised at how well all the flavors came together!  One bite and a delicious masterpiece unfolded!  My nephews Loved them!  Even the adults enjoyed a few Kabobs!

Have any of your tried the Grinch Kabobs?  What were your experiences?  I’d love to hear from you!


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