Slow Cooker Fajitas

pinner6.jpgSo you know those days when you are going to get home late, but you forgot to take out something to eat the night before?  So you end up having to buy food out?  Well no more problem there!  The Slow cooker Chicken fajitas from are a life (and budget saver!)  When I made these..I couldn’t believe how easy it was!  You gently slice the green peppers, put in a TBSP of butter, gently slice onions, add salsa, and spices and place the chicken on top then pour in the fajita seasoning cover and voila!  Now when I made it…I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer!  Yup you guessed it!  So I threw the chicken in the crockpot…FROZEN!  4 hours later a delicious homemade meal for my family!

It was so easy that when I needed to make something for a quick work pot luck, I dropped in everything and let it cook!  The countless compliments were a sure fire sign that everyone LOVED IT!  As an added bonus…IT SMELLS UNBELIEVABLE!  (as I am typing this my mouth is literally watering…perhaps tomorrow is a fajita kind of day!)

My crockpot is definitely the most essential tool in my kitchen arsenal!  What about you?  Do you love your crockpot?  What are your favorite crockpot recipes?  I’d love to try new recipes!

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