45 Things to Do with a 6month Old Baby


6 years ago my husband and I began what ended up being a very long road of infertility, however, after 6 years, 3 miscarriages, and countless treatments and procedures…we finally welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world.  After a few weeks in the NICU (she was a bit impatient and arrived 6 weeks early) we finally got her home.  And after a few months, I was at a loss for thingsto do to enrich our time together.  She wasn’t quite 6 months old (4.5 to be exact) and she was really looking for more entertainment.  I opened this list by lovelivegrow.com and was immediately inspired!

Since reading the list my daughter and I took our quality time to a new level!  WE have really started just exploring the world together.  I find I’m more relaxed and can’t get enough of her!  I have even found that I can include her during daily household chores.  she is full of love and laughter and I get chores done, and all the quality time I could ever dream of!

So far her favorite activities are splashing around in the sink while looking at herself in the mirror!  She LOVES water play and it’s such an easy activity…Put the plug down fill with a little water and then I just hold her on the edge of the counter and she kicks her feet and smiles and laughs it’s hilarious!  It does make EVERYTHING wet!  But hey that’s what towels are for!  She also is really starting to love BUBBLES!  Again such an easy/cheap activity I bought a six pack of bubbles from Target for 2.99 They are scented…the purple one smelled like grape bubblegum!  Best Purchase EVER!

If you have a baby I HIGHLY recommend this list!  It’s a great compilation of activities that will take your relationship with your baby to the next level!

What do you like to do with your baby?  What is your babies favorite activity?  I’d love to hear your experiences with your loved ones!

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