This blog is an attempt to get out of my rut! I am 31 years old.  I serve in the US Army, I have a masters degree, I am married to my best friend and soulmate.  I have an amazing beautiful 6 month old daughter and 2 hilarious dogs!  And most importantly I am indeed a Perpetual Pinner.  I spend countless days and nights sitting around like a zombie scrolling through Pinterest clicking here and there…Sometimes I don’t even know I am doing it!!!  And every single time I see something of interest, I pin it to the proper page with the intent of “someday”…The reality is why put off for tomorrow what I could get done today!  (IF  you just sang that sentence to yourself…I like you 🙂  )  So I am posting this challenge for myself, and anyone else who finds themselves to be a Perpetual Pinner!  It’s time to clean out the 10.1K Pins I have and really start living by my favorite quotes and eating the delicious meals, and getting back to my pre-baby weight (or better)!  It’s time to get MOTIVATED!  WHO’S WITH ME?

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